Camden Metabolic Clinic

Southwest Wellness Centre runs a metabolic clinic out of the Narellan location.  Our centre works closely with people who are suffering with Obesity and Diabetes. At our centre the Live Longer program is a free 24 weeks program designed to help people who need to lose weight and get healthy.

The Live Longer Program aims at reducing stress on the health care system by providing a long lasting change for Obesity and diabetes patients through education and disciplines.

The program is run out of Southwest Wellness Centre, which means clients receive treatment in the convenience of the same location. In addition practitioners can work together to ensure the client is getting the best care.

Program Content

The Live Longer Program is a comprehensive FREE 24 week Program (Medicare Funded).  The program combines Exercise physiology, Dietetics, Psychology and Physiotherapy, to ensure patients receive well rounded  and holistic care.

Click here to learn more about our program or call us on 02 4647 1134 for more information