Our Podiatry Clinic Narellan combines high quality service, advanced technology and years of experience to ensure you receive the best care.

Podiatrists are lower limb specialists and can take care of any injury, aliment or problem from the knee down.

Our Narellan Clinic provides

  • General Foot Care including toenail cutting, corns callous, bunions;
  • Diabetic Care including diabetic assessments, treatment and recommendations
  • Heel Pain including arch pain, heel pain and foot pain.
  • Sports Injuries & Performance including heel pain, and bio mechanical fine tuning to increase sports performance.
  • Gait Analysis including advanced technology and video playback software.

The Narellan Clinic has the latest technology including gait analysis software, which is video capture software and digital analysis.  This technology allows the patient to see what Mark see’s, as well as this it aids with a more exact diagnosis of the customers problems and identify if an orthotic if required.

If you would like to know more about our podiatry services, please contact us on 02 4647 1134 or visit our website www.differencepodiatry.com.au