Personal Training

Difference Personal Training is Australia’s premiere Personal Training studio and was established in 2008. The studio prides itself on its service, outstanding results, amazing staff and great atmosphere.

Difference Personal Training is a world-class Personal Training facility which has assisted individuals with chronic illness such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, injury  rehabilitation,  and much more.

The team have been innovators and leaders in the fitness industry for almost 15 years, are fully qualified and recognised by Fitness Australia and will taylor a treatment plans for each client.

We have Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists and Personal Trainers who will work with you as well as your doctor or specialists to ensure you receive results.

We understand that for most people, creating a life-long physical change is more about lifestyle, diet, exercise, attitude, organisation, motivation, education, structure, encouragement and support.

Difference Personal Training is not a gym; it is a place to change your lifestyle, your habits and your reality.

We have no gimmicks and no tricks – only real members with real results.

To 10 things you will find at our gym

  1. We are serious about results and ensure we work with you, your doctors and specialists to ensure results are achieved.
  2. We are a private, non-intimidating studio.
  3. We provided a customised treatment plans as well a dietary programs and  ongoing support.
  4. We  provide a health & success coach to wor with your emotions.
  5. We keep highly detailed information on your progress and results and can provide reports to your doctor or specalist.
  6. We have highly qualified Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists and Personal Trainres, all workign together to ensure you acheive yourgoals.
  7. We are a multi awarding winning studio!
  8. We offer FREE membership, only pay for the personal training & use the studio for FREE
  9. Our training is one of one and dedicated to you and your team.
  10. We have free classes & now free childminding!!!!!
Top 10 things you will not find at our gym
  1. A Packed Out, Unhygienic, Sweaty and Smelly Gym
  2. Feeling Intimidated by Big Muscle Bound fellas in the Weights Area
  3. Feeling out of your depth because you are left on your own
  4. Being given a ‘one size fits all’ generic exercise program
  5. Having to wait for equipment
  6. A trainer that only uses what equipment is available and has no real program
  7. Trainers that never track or assess your progress
  8. Trainers who are more worried their mobile phones than their clients
  9. Trainers who have not got a clue about correct exercise technique
  10. Trainers who are more interested in themselves than truly helping their clients
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